Asociación Afectados de Polio y Síndrome Postpolio

Detalle del Comunicado de Prensa


 This press release is to inform you that, 18th December, 2003, the Asociación Afectados de Polio y Síndrome Post-Polio (Post-Polio Syndrome and Polio Affected Association) has filed a criminal complaint before the Criminal Tribunal of the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid regarding felony for intentional injury that brings about a serious illness and/or any other illness that may appear througout the investigation.


The Spanish Administration (the Ministry of Health, among others), although knew about the existence of the Post-Polio Syndrome - PPS, kept silence about its existance, voluntarily, fully aware of the irreparable fisical and psychological damages, which would be caused to all Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome patients.


Its conduct was to deliberatly omit to divulge the existance of the Post-Polio Syndrome, councioussly allowing that all the people suffering it, people who are suffering it now and peopole who will suffer it in the future, suffered from terrible injuries.


Lola Corrales

Chairwoman  Asociación Afectados de Polio y Síndrome Post-Polio


Tel. 686 000 171